Eddy B & Tim Gunter Do Homework And Make Hits

11.03.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

If you ever plan on sending me songs, the production needs to be pretty damn good to grab my attention. On top of that, while my palette goes deep, it’s much more electronic than you’d think and typically prefers beats carried by melody. So, while half of you reformat your e-mails, the others get the pleasure of hearing Eddy B & Tim Gunter, a two-man MC/producer combo who took the proper approach in reaching out and then proceeded to feed my picky musical appetite like a pepperoni pizza at 3AM on a Saturday.

After relative success from their last release Dear North Carolina, Welcome Back had them skipping classes to perform with world renown acts like Girl Talk and Three 6 Mafia, these two college-enrolled talents have returned with their harmless brand of unconcealed tunes for those of us still in need of a little direction. The new project is called Insomniac Dreams, and shows off the musical versatility they’ve cultivated since the last run. For instance, on “All Alone,” Eddy B slices up Gunter’s slurred, guitar-fused beat with some sharp-tongued resentment towards fake friends. Then, the approach is flipped on the hit-worthy “Hold On Me,” an uptempo banger these undergrads assigned to shake off assumptive females. While both songs may have similarly spiteful themes, the backing beats are night and day, but similar enough in principle to carry a cohesive and worthwhile project.

All that said, Eddy B & Tim G are obviously capable of making marketable music and grabbing people’s attention. But, if I were them, I’d still see out school and solidify my back-up plan. Not because they’ll need it, but because the follow-through will make them hungrier and better fit for this cut-throat industry in the long run. Plus, those framed diplomas will end up looking a lot cooler if they have some 24-karat company on the wall next to ’em.

DownloadEddy B & Tim Gunter – Insomniac Dreams | Alt. Link

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