El Prez – Feature PREZentation II Mixtape

12.20.11 6 years ago

With his latest mixtape, Feature PREZentation II, Inglewood native El Prez is treating his fans to one more project before his full-length, Leadersh!t drops next year (which isn’t really as far away as it sounds). As has everything in 2011, the tape’s cover is fully 3D ready, so strap on your red-and-blues for optimal viewing. The music itself is full of grown-man, weedie raps with the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Vandalyzm, XV, Rochelle Jordan and more popping in with special appearances.

Word to the wise. Keep an apt amount of high calorie snacks next to the dub sack before popping FPII into the deck. Nothing worse than having to hit pause to make an unplanned trip to the taqueria just when you start getting in the zone.

Download — El Prez – Feature PREZentation II Mixtape | Alt. Link

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