Flight School Preps – BlackMarketEP

07.07.13 4 years ago

flight club preps cover

Sampling songs that have already been flipped into certified classic status is a fine line to walk, especially when speaking to Leon Hayword’s “I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You.” Seeing as Andre Young and Calvin Broadus already took this beat to the highest of highs, hearing Flight School Prep flip the loop was questioned.

Yet, after skimming through this Miami’s group’s self-produced project and hearing nothing but soulful, quality Hip-Hop throughout, the slowed-down flip on “Dat Funk” caught my attention most. They dared to tinker with greatness, but succeeded by delivering a completely alternative spin to the cut and lacing it with some fulfilling flows filled to the brim with numbing dope vocals. The talent is clear, but that alone showed me they’ve got an understanding on how do hip-hop different and simultaneously pay homage to the culture – which is important.

Catch the rest of Flight School Preps and their extended vision by downloading their BlackMarketEP stat. Definitely good summer music.

DownloadFight School Preps – BlackMarketEP

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