Fresh Daily – “Say Yes” x The Quiet Life

05.03.11 6 years ago

From the moment the beat drops, “Say Yes” is infectious. The beat goes, taking on a life of its own with rollicking organ stabs standing out especially bright over snapping drums. Fresh Daily drops some jewels for the listening public, bits of wisdom that seem like a friend sharing some knowledge, instead of an elder lecturing on from on high. And the hook is catchy as hell, perfectly built to stick to some part of my mind. In fact, I’m sure I’ll find myself absentmindedly muttering it under my breath as I work on something in the future. As the track’s hook puts it, it feels good.

But you know what about “Say Yes” feels best? The project the song comes from The Quiet Life, which just dropped. For your listening pleasure, stream and download the complete project below.

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