Gee Watts – Watts Up Mixtape

04.07.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Add Gee Watts to the list of new generation Midwest MC’s crafting quality music. Following a series of leaks, Watts finally delivers Watts Up; a 14-track journey into the mind of a Kansas City resident with more than enough thoughts and demons on his mind. A certain sense of believable honesty combs through Gee’s lyrics, as does depth – evident in the bouncy, lyrically sharp “Angels In The Hood” and “Quiet Place.” The combination of thoughtful and lively rhymes is rare even in the most established MCs, let alone one still attempting to establish a sense of consumer trust with his music.

Probably one of the more catching characteristics about Watts Up is the perspective. At 22-years-old, Gee’s at the point in life where lessons of youth become reality. In his rhymes, we hear tales of doing petty crimes, being stabbed during street fights by “brown brothers who brought blades to the fist fight” (“All My People Luv Me”) and a youthful arrogance as it pertains to women, all learned through old heads and the streets of of “Killing City, Misery region.”

Those life lessons coalesce with maturity as he transitions from running with the teenage pack to accepting the responsibilities of being a father and a man, being forced to stand alone. And, it all happens in songs, so we, the listeners, join in at just the right time to hear a boy develop into a man. So while Gee grows, we grow with him, learning his Midwest story as it’s told through rhymes on Watts Up.

Now, the only thing left to do is click play. From there, Gee handles the work taking us all on a ride with a lesson to be taken away at the conclusion of the tape. We all have the same dreams and same goals, for the most part. All that changes is the area code.

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