“All The Right Angles, Never Obtuse…”

01.06.10 8 years ago 41 Comments

In an age when there are more rappers than songs and more blogs than rappers, concocting a completely original idea is harder to come by than a 10-point 1986 Fleer Premier #57.

Unless you’re Hollywood Floss.

A while back I posted some skunk from the bubbling Houston rhymesmith and last month he hipped me to his newest offering The Xperiment Vol. 1, a conceptual EP with a twist so unique I had no choice but to share.

“Over the Thanksgiving weekend Floss wrote and recorded as much music as he could and then sent those tracks to me and HailMegatron. Then we decided what tracks to put in each of our mixtapes, change the names of the songs and choose the order.” -The HipHop Effect

“This is one of the most original ideas I’ve ever come across as a blogger. The homie Hollywood Floss gave myself and iDopeboy(TheHipHopEffect) the same tracks and told us to pick which ones we vibed with and post them AND give them their own track titles. I like that idea because I could pick which tracks I liked and what names I wanted to give them based on the feel I got from them. This is why you ALL need to check out Hollywood Floss.” -HailMegatron

The same tape…two different ways…with different song names and titles. Confusing? Yes. Dope? No doubt. In an online world where bloggers dictate hits as is, why not give them a little more leverage, right? I can’t necessarily say which songs I would’ve chosen personally, because they’re all relatively unique in their own right, but I do know I probably would’ve changed the title of said Seinfeld song, “Seinfeld Meets Hollywood Floss,” (been done) and given the prime time spot to “Verbal Slaughter,” because it’s just that.

Don’t like any of our choices? Then support the homie’s mind grind, download both versions and make your own tape.

That’s more fun anyways.

Download — Hollywood Floss Presents Xperiments! Vol. 1 (Megatron’s View)

Download — Hollywood Floss Presents Xperiments! Vol. 1 (Hip-Hop Effect’s View)

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