IamSu! – KILT Mixtape

05.09.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

When I ran into Mistah F.A.B. at SXSW, he essentially said IamSu! was next up from The Bay. Coming from someone who’s held in such high regard from that area and takes his words very seriously, the compliment resonated in my head and had me looking forward to an official release from the Richmond MC. After assisting with nationally-known hits like “Up!” and “Function,” KILT is the most notable release yet from Hip-Hop’s new Heartbreak Kid and after a quick spin, the hype seems to be legit.

Off rip, tracks like “Different” and “Mainey” keep Young Suzy’s penchant for crafting radio records in tact, lacing ratchet beats with his interchangeable flow and equally intricate wordplay. However, the product is far from one-sided, as listeners also get a chance to hear the multifaceted artist speak on a little more weighty topics like persevering in a world so cold (“Over”) and paying dues (“Rollin’ Up”). The rest of the tape falls somewhere in between and never really loses a step.

Hell, considering IamSu’s already receiving royalty checks for his tunes and this tape is a freebie for fans, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t clear some space on your iPod and ride out to the next generation of the Yay.

DownloadIamSu! – KILT Mixtape

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