IamSu! – $uzy 6 Speed Mixtape

11.12.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

Internal discussions are everything. Since we have multiple sets of ears checking for artists and material, we’re able to sift through a lot of the gravel and dirt to find the gold nuggets worth sharing. Last week, BEWARE sent a high priority message requiring that IamSu!’s “Mobbin'” be added to my playlist. One listen and the deed was done with the swiftness.

IamSu!’s delivery is Billy Dee Williams smooth and seems to have a knack for finding production that suits him as well. Watch the short for “Two Eleven” below, which gives a strong indication of what to expect,then download and/or stream $uzy 6 Speed in full.

DownloadIamSu! – $uzy 6 Speed Mixtape | Stream

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