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DJ Burn One hardly ever steers his listeners wrong and his latest deliverable comes in the form of iNDEEDface, from his 5 Points Music Group band, iNDEED. Comprised of Ricky Fontaine and Walt Live, the group is releasing their second project of the year, following up their self-titled EP from earlier.

Don’t let the cartoon on the cover deceive you, the album features many ATL staples and goes as hard as anything we’ve ever heard helmed Burn. In particular, check for the Aleon Craft (“Cadillac Spaceship”), Rittz (“Federal Reserve”), and SL Jones (“Fact Or Fantasy”) features. For that matter, let the iNDEEDface play from start to finish because the whole is just as good, if not greater, than the sum of its parts.

DownloadiNDEED – iNDEEDface | Stream

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