Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3 (Closure)”

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05.03.11 23 Comments

“For anything to work, y’all, trust is a must, And I learned, gotta let a mutt be with a mutt, So I dead that b*tch and though the shit’s been over, Some situations don’t end without closure.”

Regular Joe delivers what’s been tabbed as the final piece in his “Ordinary Love Sh*t” musical saga. For six minutes, Budden goes for broke, finding yet another female – Esther Baxter playing perpetrator here – to unload on and baring it all in detailed fashion. Tahiry and fat asses, “Percocet and muscle relaxers in a napkins,” Derrick Ward and abortions? Another failed video chick experiment? How many times can you keep falling for the same sh*t, Joe? I’ll go on record to say he wouldn’t have this problem if he quit picking out his lovers from his BlackMenDigital subscription.

Still, I pray he doesn’t. Otherwise we would get these pain and misery rhymes, from rap’s Edgar Allen Poe.

Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 (Closure)”

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