Where Kaby’s ‘H.E.R.E’ Provides You A Weekend Playlist

07.26.13 4 years ago

kaby here

Why rapper and producers don’t team up for entire projects more often is beyond me. From classic projects like Jaylib’s Champion Sound to more recent examples like Run The Jewels, chemistry between the production and lyrical sides of the genre goes a long way.

Kaby’s H.E.R.E. (Holistic Ear Remedies Etc.) continues this proud tradition.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the Nashville emcee or his producer-in-crime Nathan Zensen, because I definitely hadn’t before this gem showed up in my inbox. A concise 29-minute project, H.E.R.E. covers a wide spectrum of southern sounds, bombastic in certain corners (“10 Yellow Bottles”), carefree in others (“Got To Have”) and then just completely off the wall elsewhere. It’s hard to describe “Eatin’ Good” – a thoughtful Southern-fried gospel service-turned platform for Kaby to just spazz over. You haven’t heard anything like it, and you’ll probably want to go back for seconds.

Throughout the entire project is a sense of unity and direction that mainstream artists like Wale and J. Cole should strive for. And I won’t waste this space raking Hip-Hop disappointments over the coals. But it’s always fun finding unheralded gems like this, people you’ve never heard of before providing what could be the soundtrack to your weekend. If that’s not one of the greatest joys that Hip-Hop can provide, I just don’t know the genre.

DownloadKaby – HERE (Holistic Ear Remedies Etc.)

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