Kanye West Still Has The Power

08.20.10 7 years ago 44 Comments

Kanye, you smart motherf*cker. I have to give credit when it’s due. You’re crazy, but not dumb. The record with Bieber is going to deemed a disaster before it is even uploaded. Hell, you probably know the reaction behind your traffic jam of a track “See Me Now” was 50/50 at best. So how do you combat all this? Show the world why one man should have this power.

About a week overdue, I had nearly forgot about the remix until Twitter went stupid early Friday morning. A sense of hesistation come over me when Kanye alluded to the fact Kobe Bryant helped him finish his verse. No disrespect because Bean is the ‘Kanye West’ of his own profession and a guy who has been known to come through in crunch time once or twice. Let us not forget though, the last time Kobe attempted to make lines rhyme, this happened. Not to worry, however, this was good money.

The “Power (Remix)” is a culmination of Jay-Z’s co-sign, Swizz’s energy and Kanye’s vision. From the start, it feels like something big is about to happen. The auroa around the track is so powerful that even the iconic Shawn Carter is relegated to opening act duties. From there, it was all Kanye. And for as much flack as Swizz Beatz may catch at times, once the beat switched with the “I Got The Power” flip, the feel and direction of the song took a totally different turn. No hook, no Charlie Wilson, no interruptions. Just 40 bars of unequivocal Kanye West arrogance, pride and lyrical dexterity.

If the VMA’s are run by forward-thinking people (because they are competing with Cowboys/Redskins in the same time slot), this performance is already penciled in the in show. Somewhere, Chelsea Handler is getting turned on just thinking about the possibility.

Kanye West Feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – “Power (Remix)” | Download

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