Laws x Mick Boogie x Don Cannon – Yesterday’s Future Mixtape

06.21.11 6 years ago

I got a shout a couple years ago about a DJ in Brighton who’s playing the hell out of that record. So you certainly find a younger generation discovering and remixing stuff that I did, and making it all fresh again. Which is great for me; I love the idea that what I did then can still be relevant now.” — Paul McCartney for CNN, 6.15.11.

It’s inevitable that yesterday’s music legends lose touch with their future generation and the former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, is no exception. Twenty Eleven just so happens to be the year he is being reintroduced to genre of Hip-Hop with methodical-thinking Laws leading the charge. With Yesterday’s Future, the Floridian MC doesn’t just cover the McCartney catalog, he channels the original song’s emotions to bolster his discography and sculpt a concise body of work.

Inspiration generally breeds more where that came from. McCartney inspired Laws and in turn, he churns out fifteen inspirational cuts of perseverance of life’s obstacles with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Don Cannon and Mick Boogie plucking their respective keys. Tomorrow isn’t promised but yesterday just so happens to be right now in this instance.

Download — Laws, Mick Boogie & Don Cannon – Yesterday’s Future Mixtape

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