Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 Mixtape

05.07.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

The first of MMG’s four big summer releases is Meek Mill’s followup to 2011’s insanely successful tape, Dreamchasers. And if the leaks from DC2 are indicative to what the entire project sounds like, cancel Christmas. Meek’s buzz is through the roof at the moment with access to some of the best resources the right networking can help materialize. Plus – and this has to account for something – he can rap.

The other week I found myself in the middle of a debate about Meek and whether his success was more luck than skill. One side claimed Meek is just taking advantage of being associated with Ross. The other said it was all his talent. Truthfully, it falls in the middle. Discrediting Milly saying he’s only hot because of Ross undermines the fact dude can hold his own in a booth creating songs the streets go apeshit over, the ladies swoon (mark my words, “Bag Of Money” will be an underrated summer cut) and, on occasion, tap into his cracked pavement Philly upbringing with an introspective offering that’ll punch you in the gut.

As stated before, I’m a fan of dude’s music. Straight like that. If that’s a bad thing these days, then so be it. I just hope Dreamchasers 2 is as hot as I’ve been conditioning myself to believe it is.

While waiting to download, stream the tape below and/or watch the video for “Dreamchaser 2 (Intro).”

DownloadMeek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Drama) | Alt. Link | Alt. Link

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