Oddisee – Odd Spring

05.11.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Diamond District’s Oddisee is the kind of guy to see things through. After giving listeners Odd Summer, Autumn & Winter, he’s now delivered the final installment, Odd Spring. Thematically, he delivers once again with music that’s in tune with the season, using uptempo beats full of synths & effects. My early fav looks to be “Juba May,” solely for the percussion play, but its heels are being nipped by “Warmer Day.”

Late to the party? Don’t fret. While all of the installments can be found here (click here), there’s plans for all four Seasons to be released as a box set.

The Blooming
Birds & Bees Feat. Diamond District
Juba May
Warmer In The Day
Anticipation Feat. Kingpen Slim & Oddisee
In The Now Feat. Olivier Daysoul
The Riches Instr
This Beat Is For Finale
I’m From PG Feat. Oddisee
Two Way Street Feat. Muneshine

Download — Oddisee – Odd Spring

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