Here’s The Full PARTYNEXTDOOR Project That’s Been Lurking In The Bushes

07.01.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


From one extremely enigmatic crooner to the next, OVO unveiled the complete look into their new artist PARTYNEXTDOOR’s self-titled project. There’s obvious stock in this for the entire click from Toronto. As the first artist under Drizzy’s OVO Sound imprint, it’s best to hit the ground running and gain as much support as possible. Especially with Aubrey gearing up for a September 17 release of Nothing Was The Same.

Individual leaks are one thing. Hearing every song within the flow of the project is the most accurate way to determine the truth worth of an artist and project. And chances are being sober listening to this probably isn’t the most accurate method to judge what’s going on here. It’s about time to give PND that exact treatment nevertheless. Soon cometh, we’ll all collectively decide whether OVO has a star in the making or a tax write-off.

Those more in-line with the thought PND is on to something, feel free to make a donation on iTunes.

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