8 Quick Reasons To Listen To Petty’s ‘Short But Sweet’ Mixtape

02.26.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

It feels great to be back here again. “Here” being the arrival of a new tape from Petty. His previous project Petty Presley got passed around our Crew something heavy so the expectations were high for his latest, titled Short But Sweet. And with the pressure and focus on him, the emerging East Nashville MC hit another homerun.

Using soulful, stirring production by Brooklyn’s The Stuyvesants, Petty does exactly what the title implies by keeping each song trimmed down to a verse but he packs so much energy and entertainment into each. The format works in today’s climate where we’re given clipped information and clogged down with musical content. An artist like Petty knows that he only holds listeners attention for a small moment, therefore he maximizes it.

Following his lead, I’ve decided to adopt his approach and summarize the project in a succinct manner.

1. The “Morning Prayer” sees Petty displaying sense of a spiritual foundation without betraying his street savvy ways.

2. The Hallmark, lyrics of love he spits on “Get Over You” and the intro are the kind of things you have to listen to with a pen and pad handy to take notes and then implement that shit into your own spit game.

3. Quotable: “You got that run in the family kind of ass” from “Short But Cool.” Have you ever seen a derriere like that before? Who hasn’t been to their girl’s family reunion and realized that every lady in her family got a donk?

4. His voice. We’re talking the authoritative tone of James Earl Jones mixed with the warmness of Ted “Golden Voice” Williams. If Petty’s voice were clothes, it would be a purple crushed velvet shirt. If it were food, it would be cripsy, golden fried chicken. If it were an animal, it’d be cool as tiger casually roaming the open plains but ready to break out and fuck shit up at the flip of a switch.

5. Using a one take approach, “Hustlers” finds Petty doing double duty, jabbing at the industry while dapping up his fans as those who “…think outside they radio box, that’s playing yo’ Top 40, hourly, daily tho’, Maybe no-body wants to hear it when it’s lyrics for the spirit, But that shit they take serious, I make music nowhere near it, period…”

6. Quotable: “If time will tell, time done seen it before you knew that it happened, Like barbeque and a napkin, we were put here for each other, me and music, see us do it…,” found on “Run On,” which sounds like an elaborate string of thoughts linked together.

7. The assorted ism he kicks on tracks (“Love Good Morning,” “Let Your Hair Down”) show that Petty Presley’s most comfortable when women (“But I’m the one that fuck you how you want to be fucked, They might put it down on you, but you want it beat up”) are the focus of his attention.

8. The finger-pointing that goes on during “Drinking With The Old Heads” finds P questioning not only other rappers but himself and it’s situational irony at its best.

In short (no pun), Short But Sweet deserves at least one listen. Since it is an easy handful of songs to handle, one listen will lead to another, then another. After that, it’d be wise to catch up on the rest of Petty’s growing discog here.

DownloadGummy Soul Presents Petty – Short But Sweet

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