Crank Some Unlikely Collaborations With Pitchfork’s Selector Mixtape

02.09.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Between the clips of Quik rapping alongside Loyal Divide and Danny Brown littering Joker’s bass with foul-mouthed ease, you’ve already seen we’ve posted a few slices of Pitchfork’s Selector series. Still, those nifty on-the-spot mash-ups from everyone’s favorite online soapbox were only visuals. So, unless you had YouTube in your dashboard, there was no way to get any drive time behind those jams. Now, however, producers Ryan Dombal and Eavvon O’Neal have quickly fixed that problem with the official mixtape release for the entire series, which has been running on Pitchfork.TV since 2010 and featured other unexpected unions like Killer Mike & Clams Casino, Jim Jones & Girl Talk and Big Boi & Crystal Castles, among the others featured below.

Since this is only Vol. 1, we’ll assume the Com Truise mash-up with Wiz Khalifa we’ve been crossing our fingers for will be featured on the second go round.

DownloadPitchfork’s Selector Mixtape | Alt. Link

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