Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals

04.30.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Playboy Tre will likely go down in rap history as an artist who never got the recognition he deserved. But, that might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy because Tre tends to be at the top his game when rhymes with a chip on his shoulder. The more people who doubt him give him more fuel to keep grinding until one day nobody can deny his talent any longer.

And that’s exactly what his latest project Liquor Store Mascot 2 encompasses. All of his singles – most notably “Shot Of Rum” and “Care After Me” – have been Notable Quotable material thus far and don’t expect the rest of the mixtape to be any less. It’s the classic, lovable Tre spitting in the face of the adversity without giving the slightest f*ck about repercussions. He’s backed into a corner, staring down at his obstacles, and there’s no side-stepping. The only way to survive is to go straight through them. And isn’t then when all of our favorite artists make the greatest music?

DownloadPlayboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals

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