Skewby – “Believe”

10.26.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

As Tastemakers, we stand firmly behind our filter here at TSS, screening and negating as many songs as we put on. For the past year or so, one artist we’ve stood firmly behind is Skewby. The man’s music speaks for itself, but the reason why can be described no better than the way it was put by the Memphis MC’s manager, Antonio, in a recent inbox message.

“When I think about the state of Hip Hop right now I have a bitter sweet feeling. I love it because, I love music in general. On the other hand I hate it because there as so many artists that lack creativity and substance in their musical content. What happened to the artist that gave a damn, the artist that would go right when the rest of the room went left… What happened to putting your heart and soul into the art of your musical craft. I don’t have the answer to what happened to various things in the game, but I do know that the brand that I am building is about individualism and differentiation from the norm. My dream as a Manager is to convey the truths and integrity of an artists talents. The cornerstone of my brand (715 Management) is an artist from Memphis, TN by the name of Skewby. He is a young man from the city of Blues, who’s dream is to show people that life is more than just trapping and negativity; and that Integrity and Positivity is needed and necessary in today’s depressing times.

So without further ado here is one of the many releases that we will be premiering from Skewby in the next coming weeks leading up to the release of Skewby’s “More or Less” LP.”



Download — Skewby – “Believe”

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