Starlito – Ultimate Warrior

10.11.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

The more and more I’ve taken the time to become familiar with Starlito over the years, the more and more I’ve respected everything he has going. Out of the clear blue, autumn sky, the 615’s most possessed MC pumps out a brand new, appropriately titled free album given his story. Ultimate Warrior boasts features from Don Trip, Yo Gotti, Wale, Young Buck and more. Lito isn’t showing any signs of fatigue with a seemingly never-ending amount of energy to record music; ironic because the aforementioned wrestler approached his craft the same way during his glory days.

Before diving to the sequel of this year’s @ War With Myself, however, Lito has a message. And you better read it.

In an era where artists can’t get there albums out in a timely manner, or their artist’s mixtapes for that matter, I’ll keep smashin’. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, I don’t believe I’m bound to any recording commitments, I don’t owe anybody SHIT, & I AIN’T GOT NO BOSS. The Ultimate “WAR” that is the frame of these recordings revolves around a separation anxiety from the plague of yesteryear in this career path. I’m superb at rapping no matter of my surroundings, peers, or circumstances. This is not a follow up to #Stepbrothers, but instead ”@ WAR w/ Myself”. It would’ve been wack as hell to do “@ WAR w/ Myself 2” so here is your sequel. No less torn, no more puppet show. My homie (free) RED DOT, of the Trash Bag Gang, is even hosting this one as I have no talking to do. The release coincides w/ the launch of my new & improved store & the tape can be found by clicking on the cover…

Respect: DGB via GHA

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