YOG$ – Everyday Vacation

10.01.13 4 years ago

YOG$ Everyday Vacation Cover

YOG$ is a relatively unknown producer, but Everyday Vacation should be changing that status real soon. “Take A Trip” eases us into the project with its slow and mesmerizing intro. Anyone can throw in a tempo change, but the one that we’re surprised with speeds up dangerously, almost frantically, fast, only to slow down to a resting rate again. What it becomes is an attention-grabbing beginning of the tape. And it only gets better from there.

Stretching across a sonic landscape, Everyday Vacation paints a full, multi dimensional picture of YOG$, as he describes it, “Everyday Vacation really puts it all out there. You should really know who I am after fully listening.” He’s a producer whose work we found as a by-product of all the other material we were crossing. After a while, he realized the same thing we did: it was time to bundle it all for a presentation.

“I realized towards the end of summer that the first saga of my music career was reaching its end, and it was time to make a collage type project to highlight many high points of my career so far. It was traveling the world and just progressing and growing honestly. Hella things lead me here. Leaving the country for the first time, relationships, growing up but still remaining the same, finding my style, girls, etc.”

On the surface, he belongs with his “atmospheric” and “cloudy” production peers, but YOG$’ beats are a little more driven than that as the hazy type generated by his contemporaries. Some of his rapper homies like Reese, Jerreau, Niko G4, and Rickie Jacobs make appearances, but YOG$’s production remains the tie that binds the project. And, he knows what’s next: “As these placements I have lined up drop, people will see the production credits and see ‘YOG$’ then search me and find Everyday Vacation. It’s just the beginning, but it’s my time.”

It’s his time indeed.

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