yU Of Diamond District – Before Taxes

05.22.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

A while back, yU, one-third of Diamond District, released his solo effort, Before Taxes to critical acclaim. At that time, Gotty described the man’s music like this: “When I listen, I don’t hear ‘what’s next’ when he rhymes. Instead, there’s traces of “what was” and that is well-crafted rhymes, founded on some semblance of intellect.” Sounds about right to me. This is hearty boom-bap, skillfully done, with its creator’s heart and mind behind it. And now, it’s free as air. As part of their ongoing series of free re-releases, the consistently-excellent Mello Music Group is letting Before Taxes make it’s way out to the masses for the next week.

Even if you copped it last time around, this edition has several fresh tracks included, a bit of extra incentive to revisit this excellent piece of work. Hell, the knocking OG Lord Jazz Mix of “On The Corner” is reason enough to risk the hard drive space. It may not show up on the album’s Bandcamp tracklist – although you can see evidence of it, as the blurb on the page advertises a 21-song album, and only 20 are listed – but it’s all pounding drums and stabbing horns, a cut practically built to put the bitter-beer face on listeners across the land.

DownloadyU – Before Taxes

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