Why Wouldn’t Drake Be Amongst GQ’s Men Of The Year?

11.16.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

The Driz is such a staple in current media, he might as well just be sitting next to you in your living room with his J’s on the table, eye-f!cking your wife. He’s got an Album Of The Year candidate, 301 songs in Clear Channel’s rotation and is probably teaching your adolescent kids about the difficulties of growing up disabled via The Disney Channel right now. So, when it came time for GQ to choose who would be featured in their annual “Men Of The Year” issue, the editors took the obvious route and chose…Scarlet Johansson.

Four lucky men – hip hop artist Drake (“Breakout of the Year”), Academy Award Best Actor winner Jeff Bridges (“Icon of the Year”), TV comedian Stephen Colbert (“Patriot of the Year”), and likely future Academy Award nominee James Franco (“Leading Man of the Year”), share this year’s honor, but they’re not alone. Also joining them is Scarlett Johansson, whom the magazine has crowned 2010’s “Babe of the Year.” – Access Hollywood

The nod can’t be denied, but this whole issue just screams: “Buy me! Please!”

Drake Named GQ’s Man of the Year [MTV]

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