Drake: “I’m So Sick Of People Saying That I’m Lonely And Emotional”

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10.18.13 93 Comments

Drake sat down with CBC Q’s Jian Ghomeshi for an intimate and extensive interview about Drake the man, Drake’s music, Drake’s past, Drake’s feelings and just basically all Drake everything.

For anyone with ADHD and can’t sit still long enough to listen to an hour-long interview, here are some quotes to breeze through. You’re welcome.

On his “sugary sweet melodies:”

“I do shy away from major chords. Those are the classic pop… those aren’t the melodies that hit you in your heart. For me, it’s minor. 40 produces in minor and I’ll find the melodies to sort of slip around it, ya know? Is anything too sugary? It just has to have emotion behind it. “Hold On We’re Going Home,” at the end of the day, is a very… I mean that is a major song. But there’s emotion there. There’s points where you feel something. That’s all that matters to me. As long as it penetrates.”

On being called emotional:

“I’m so sick of people saying that I’m like… lonely and emotional and like associating me for like… longing for a women. I hate that, man. It bothers me so much because I do make music that makes you feel something but I just don’t… I’m actually not that guy in real life, I’m very happy. I’m not content by any means but I’m a happy person. My life is constantly exciting. It’s not some sad, depressing story.”

On competition and confrontation in Rap:

“Competition is inherent in the artform. Confrontation comes with the territory. There’s something to be said on the fact that a lot of people talk that talk and just do it because that’s what Hip-Hop is about. ‘Well I’m gonna talk like I’m the biggest dog but I’m not.’ I’m actually the one young guy that can really step up to the plate and talk my game and I check out. If you choose to go research, I check out.”

On humility:

“I’m not going to play this humble, sort of shy new guy…’happy to be here’ role this time. I put in enough work this time around. I put in enough work and I plan to put as much as I need to moving forward. I want to make that known. I’m here.”

On not being a “hard” rapper:

“I came in at the perfect time. I didn’t need to be something I wasn’t. I made a commitment early on to just be myself. What really bothers me the most is sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough credit or I’m not making bigger enough impact because I’m not enough of a loose cannon in situations like this. People want me to go off more and lose my composure. But that’s not me. I’m a naturally poised individual.”

On his revealing lyrics:

“I have a tough time going half way with things. Telling stories in a general matter just don’t connect with me. When I’m doing a body of work, my goal is to let you know more about me and to let you know I’m a real person. To let you know I’m not afraid of my past.”

On “exposing” his exes:

“I’m very careful with that. You use a word there, “exposed.” I never want it to feel like “exposed” because I don’t do it with malicious intent and “exposed” feels malicious to me. There’s no malice involved. It’s stories that I feel the need to tell for my own soul and for other people to sort of, again, draw parallels with me. As far as the people go, you know, I always double-check. I always try to send the song and be like ‘Yo, I just want to make sure that this isn’t too much.’ And then sometimes, for example, on this record, it’s not too much until it’s out, which is tough for people. It just gets bigger than any of us can imagine sometimes and that’s what happened.”

On being called the “voice of a generation:”

“I hate the gist of living your life on the internet and telling everybody personal details about yourself on social media. I find music a lot more… it’s a musical tool. I want people to use it as a life soundtrack. What gets me is when people say ‘I was having a tough time and I got this and I use it as an actual tool. It’s not just a CD that comes on and comes off. I use it.'”

On putting on for Toronto:

“When it comes to this city, I’m so vocal about how much I care. And I try to be as selfless as possible. I try to do as much as I can. See people from this city shine. I put a lot of people in positions to do great things and that’s all I want to keep doing.”

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