“Forever” Getting Censored…

02.01.10 8 years ago 41 Comments

Seems like we’ve been here before, Grammys.

The award show is teetering on the edge of exploitation. Follow me here. The Grammy head honchos know where their bread is buttered. They know that Hip-Hop is at the forefront of the musical landscape, so their headline performance (for the second year in a row, mind you) comes from Hip-Hop artists. Yet, where is the music represented in the awards? No album of the year nominations and most of the category’s awards were given out off-camera.

It’s like they know that the biggest ratings are going to come from Hip-Hop, but nobody wants to acknowledge the art form’s impact by giving it even a nomination in the main categories this year. And no, you don’t count, Black Eyed Peas.

Last year, it was hard to criticize the winner for album of the year because I had no clue Robert Plant was releasing solo work, so I couldn’t speak on the music. But Heavenly Lord almighty in a kangaroo pouch, nobody on this planet is going to convince me that Taylor Swift had the best album of the year and should be winning the same awards Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder won before her. Going from Thriller to Fearless is like having sex with Halle Berry then doing anal with Star Jones’ liposucked fat juices.

As for the actual mega-performance from Drake, Em, and Wayne (backed by Travis Barker who went absolutely ham on the drums), it was every bit the moment you’d expect. Opening with a crystal clear rendition of “Drop The World”, Wayne and Slim actually made Rebirth worth revisiting for a split-second, but the real triumph came when those air horns sounded for the eternal anthem that is “Forever.”

Eminem destroyed both verses and recited each word flawlessly. Drake looked like a star getting his big moment and Weezy was in his zone. Thanks to whoever was in charge of editing at CBS, though, we only heard about three bars from each rapper. News Flash: rappers use non-curse words too, CBS. Despite the long silences, this performance was nothing short of epic.

Here’s what it would have sounded like…if the censors weren’t so shook of those “menacing rappers.” Just one question: Where were you Yeezy???

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