Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever”

09.12.13 4 years ago 137 Comments

When the tracklisting for Drake’s highly-anticipated Nothing Was The Same hit the ‘net, the song “Wu-Tang Forever” drew a significant amount of speculation from fans and observers. Many expected a hard-edged tribute to the seminal group from Staten Island that hearkened to some of Drake’s more aggressive tracks like “9 AM In Dallas” and “3 AM In Toronto.” Others, like our own David D., were not as optimistic.

While some nods to the Clan are sprinkled throughout the track (peep the opening line of the second verse), the song falls more into Drake and 40’s atmospheric love song wheelhouse. 40’s production is sparse with sullen keys and percussion that crinkles under Drake’s crooning more than they snap into the listener’s ear. The rapped second verse is meant to appeal more to the fans of the aforementioned aggression, and is chock full of the confidence and derisive pity of his “frustrated” enemies that has been the hallmark so many of his post megastardom verses.

As the release date draws closer, the speculation about Drake’s long-anticipated album is reaching a fever pitch. With nearly every single big name in hip-hop having already dropped a major project, Drake now has the opportunity to prove that he is the one. To prove that there is no question on whose head the crown rests, and that he is holding the torchlight that will guide the direction of hip-hop for the near future.

Is “Wu-Tang Forever” a good representative sample of what to expect on the album, or is it a curveball to throw us off the scent. We’ll find out (about a week before) September 24.

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