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04.22.13 4 years ago 13 Comments

ESPN broadcast a slickly produced feature on JaMarcus Russell’s career downfall and attempted resurgence over the weekend. It’s quite emotional, by which I mean it features JaMarcus crying in an interview. His tears are only 40 percent gravy now, so you know he’s been serious about dropping the weight. The video also features a montage set to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” per what must be a mandate that all sports montages made in early 2013 include that song.

— The Jaguars are getting a gold helmet. All the Honorary Whitlock Pulitzers to the first hack writer who proclaims that this means they’ll be drafting Manti Te’o.

— Eric Decker and his country-pop songstress fiancee are getting a reality show on E! that is supposed to chronicle their lives as kind of famous people. It’s a real career misfire doing this before the Black & Decker buddy cop movie.

— NFL Network and ESPN have an agreement not to tip picks before they’re announced on the air or on Twitter. Of course, this doesn’t apply to a host of other NFL reporters not employed by either network, meaning picks will surely still get out on social media.

— Here’s Al Michaels mug shot from his DUI arrest. He actually looks less dessicated than he does in the booth. Clearly, it’s another example of the restorative powers of DRANKIN’

— The strippers at Rick’s Cabaret have issued an official statement to express their displeasure with the Jets for trading Darrelle Revis. As they say, as go the strippers, so too go all the Jets fans with chinstrap beards, aka most Jets fans.

— 49ers running back Anthony Dixon was denied entry to a Mississippi State campus bar on Saturday, then went on an entertaining and impressively extensive social media bitchfest about it.

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