Drew Brees To Hold Single-Season Passing Record For At Least A Week

12.27.11 6 years ago 33 Comments

Drew Brees tonight was the first of perhaps several QBs this season who will pass Dan Marino’s single-season passing yardage record. Tom Brady could realistically pass Breesus next week and render all the crazy celebration in the Superdome hilariously moot. Oh man, it’s just like ’98 with McGwire and Sosa except thankfully not baseball and America doesn’t have to pretend really hard that something is capturing its imagination.

As the record breaking approached, I wondered whether ESPN would go out of its way to embarrass themselves with overwrought graphics like they did with Favre’s 500th TD pass the year before.

It’s closer than I figured, but The Gunslinger’s is still a bit more ostentatious. And you can tell that ESPN thinks Favre has a bigger moment because they have their branding all over it. Sorry, Breesus, you’ll have to be more of a self-aggrandizing turd to get on Brittfar’s hype level.

So what else happened? A blowout? Most assuredly, there was that. But that’s to be expected with live blogged games. ALSO: Was there fodder for the sports talk guardians of proper conduct for the shield? Yes. Yes, in fact, there was.

Pierre Thomas put a bow on a football and handed it to a fan.


Look, Pierre Thomas. Where I come from. When I come from. There was a thing called respect. If our efforts achieved positive results, in any field of human endeavor, that was to be attributed to the amount of hard work we put in beforehand. If it was a contest of sport, we were thankful that our hard work bested their hard work. You knew yourself to be fortunate. Whenever a man commits fully to working his hardest, as we all did in those days, you knew yourself to be lucky if your largest commitment of effort was greater than the man across from you, because you accepted he gave his all, and such a display of vulnerability was nothing to mock. You certainly showed no flash in victory. We cut a fine figure, possessing a workmanlike stoicism the likes of which you could only ask your daddy about.

Oh, and I’m probably the model of a guy who plows Bob Costas in his dreams.”

Lance Moore will probably also be fined for having Christmas foot wrap.

I don’t know about fines, but someone should be held accountable for what happened in the Betty White intro to the broadcast. Her stint with ironic last-gasp fame before death expired roughly a year ago, but she’s not comparing anyone to Hitler, so I guess she’ll do.

If it wasn’t already clear from the Juicy Fruit segment in the Saints’ America’s Team special, Sean Payton has an OCD issue with bubble gum.

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