Dri Archer Has Quite The Stride

02.25.14 4 years ago 26 Comments

Getty Image

Kent State running back Dri Archer posted a near-record 40 time of 4.26 seconds on Monday, which is already impressive enough on its own. But apparently, thanks to people who not only watch prospects run the 40 but count their steps as well, Archer tied the mark for fewest steps that was set by Calvin Johnson.

That’s especially impressive since Megatron is 6’5″ and Archer is listed at 5’8″, so unless he’s a head planted on a pair of legs, there’s some incredible stuff going on.

Of course, long loping strides might not be particularly useful on most carries as an NFL running back unless you’re hitting daylight every time you touch the ball. Still, an intriguing prospect if the team that drafts Archer can get him in open space.

Here’s the video of his run. If anything, we may get a new Tiny Darren with Luigi jumping powers.

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