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01.26.10 3 Comments

According to NortheastShooters (via UniqueDaily), a bear attacked this plane to get to the cooler and bait inside.  The fishermen didn’t want to be stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, and the chartered pilot didn’t want to leave a very expensive plane behind, so they did the only logical thing:

The pilot radioed another pilot to bring him 2 new tires, 3 cases of duct tape, and a supply of sheet plastic. He patched the plane together, and FLEW IT HOME!

There’s no video of this plane actually being flown, but it’s theoretically possible.  It normally has a canvas (not metal) cover on its fuselage and a top speed of less than 100 knots, so duct tape is neither a huge change nor unable to handle the top speed. I can’t help thinking this is missing something though.  It doesn’t seem right to wrap something in duct tape if you aren’t going to at least draw a penis on its forehead.

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