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06.12.14 3 years ago 19 Comments

Dude Group Texts His 32 Tinder Matches, Fails Miserably [Elite Daily]

HP May Have Invented A New Kind Of Computer [Businessweek]

Donald Sterling Says NBA Officials Are ‘Bullies,’ ‘Hypocrites,’ ‘Monsters’ [CNN]

The Best Vines Of June (So Far) [Digg]

Brazil Is ‘Totally Screwed’ [Foreign Policy]

My Week As An Internet Spy [Ars Technica]

Rev. Run Serves Up ‘Sunday Suppers’ [Ebony]

It’s Really Hard To Be A Good Guy With A Gun [Gawker]

Today In Kanye: His Feud With Jay Z + The Kanye Testament [Urban Daily]

How To Tell The Difference Between An Open-Carry Patriot And A Deranged Killer [Boing Boing]

How Early Tech Helped Make Sir Mix-A-Lot A Star [The Atlantic]

Jim Jones Allegedly Had Near Death Experience After A Run In With Drug Kingpin Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron [HHW]

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