Dudebro Cats And Links

04.18.12 6 years ago

“My friend was cat-sitting this guy, and he really hit it off with her cat.” — RobertKrug

The Internet Vs. Hologram Tupac: The 20 Best Images, Photoshops, And GIFs Thus Far |UPROXX|

In Photos: The 2012 New York International Auto Show |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: Lawyer Dog Will Help You Navigate This Dog Eat Dog World |UPROXX|

Celebrating the Best New TV Character of the Season with Schmidt’s 25 Douchiest GIFs |Warming Glow|

Favorite Twitter Account Of The Day: Baseball’s Best Fans |With Leather|

Shia Labeouf’s comic book might be better than Michael Madsen’s poetry |Film Drunk|

Our 30 Favorite Cosplay Photos From PAX East 2012 |Gamma Squad|

The ‘Girls’ Internet Backlash Has Officially Started |UPROXX|

Which of These Six Shows Would You Most Want to See on AMC? |Warming Glow|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Tom Cruise Climbs Michael Fassbender’s Amazing Bulk |Film Drunk|

Ri-Ri Goes Topless For Facebook Friends |Smoking Section|

Holy Crap, Rick Ankiel |With Leather|

Kelso and Jackie Are Back Together |Fark|

9 Fat Cats Getting Stuck In Things |HuffPost Comedy|

The “Hot Girls Have Problems Too” Song |College Humor|

Leaked Recordings of Celebrities Behaving Badly |Adult Swim|

14-Year-Old Performs Perfect Imitation of the ‘Movie Trailer Guy’ |The FW|

World’s First Lickable Wallpaper Tastes Like Cake. What, no snozzberries? |Technabob|

5 Doughy Male Sitcom Characters Who Make the Rest of Us Feel a Little Better About Ourselves |Pajiba|


[Inset picture via TheClearlyDope.]

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