GundyGate Had Nothing To Do With Last Night’s Loss, Guys

04.06.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Man, those New York Knickerbockers sure know how to capitalize on a golden opportunity. Carmelo’s crew shrugged off Tuesday’s bad loss against Indiana with a revitalizing win against the Magic last night 96-80. Balanced scoring and support from the bench made the dub on the road easy peezy for NY. Even Toney Douglas, the guy everyone forgot after Linsanity, had a good game. Meanwhile, Orlando played in disarray and Dwight Howard struggled with 8 points, 8 boards, 3 blocks and went 0/3 from the stripe. My fantasy league match up thanks you for your effort Superman.

NY had Orlando’s number last week too but the Magic’s poor play goes deeper than having a bad shooting night. The exchange between an indignant Stan, a totally clueless Dwight and the press earlier yesterday might explain things. Most pundits have or will tell you Stan shouldn’t have mentioned talks of Dwight’s desire to get rid of him from higher ups. You’ll find no argument here.

Yet, it’s plain as day Van Gundy’s tired of the “bullshit” and has his resume straightened away. He traded professionalism for exposure on Dwight’s character and now Orlando’s managed to become even more dysfunctional. I’ll keep it funky though. You can’t write a funnier sketch starring these dudes and the swim move at 3:10 gets me every time. Is it too late for everyone involved to talk it out with The Rev. Al Sharpton?

Photo: SI

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