Dysfunktional Family Feat. Emerson B & Dutch Williams – “Feel Good” Video

06.27.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Funk and rap just go together. That effect can get lost in a Hip-Hop world obsessed with knocking bass, but the fine folks at Dysfunktional Family are doing their part to preserve its legacy. The Columbus, Ohio-based duo crafts one of the summer’s most refreshing party anthems in “Feels Good.” Shallow? Eh. Carefree? Sure. Infectious? Absolutely. At first glance, the flowing keg beer, goofy thrift store wardrobes and ‘I Love College’ props are hard to ignore, but hold your judgement for 30 seconds. These guys aren’t simps on the mic by any means, highlighted by Emerson “The Cape Canaveral Of Raps” B. And if that looping guitar hook doesn’t have you nodding your head at your cubical, you should probably take your blogging elsewhere.

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