E3 Dead Island Trailer Wants You To Party Till You Drop Dead

06.08.11 6 years ago

Vegas happens.

Look, I enjoy partying in exotic locations as much as the next guy, but the new Dead Island trailer from E3 looks like something straight out of Taradise. Horrific. One moment we’re partying in da’ club wit women, then the next thing you know OH MY GOD, THAT MAN’S HEAD IS OFF!

The new trailer features more of the same appetite whetting zombie destruction that we’ve come to expect from Dead Island. New footage includes a brief peek at perhaps just how our nightmarish Club Med getaway turns into Detroit hell, along with plenty of new zombie kills available to players. Decapitations anyone?

Be sure and also check out the eleven minute developer walkthrough below: lots and lots of new footage, features and gore. Suppose I shouldn’t fail to mention that (of course) D.I. is already available for pre-order, even though we’re still seasons away from it’s Fall release date. I guess maybe it is best to plan very far ahead for the zombie apocalypse -which reminds me, I still need to learn how to use that damn crossbow.

E3 2011 Trailer and Eleven Minute Developer Walkthrough after the jump:

E3 2011 Trailer: Dead Island

Dead Island Eleven Minute Developer Walkthrough:

[via PC Gamer]

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