Eagles Dominate Despite The Presence Of Two Andy Reids In The House

11.16.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

A frightening scene if you happened to be a concession stand or a timeout in FedEx Field last night.

So… Ookie had a bit of a night in Raljon. If you happened to be starting Vick in fantasy, congratulations on your win, because there’s no excuse if you did start him and still lost. Even Jerome Harrison, the incumbent Browns starter in preseason who turned out to be a waste of
a mid-round fantasy pick, was incredibly productive in that game. And man did I love LaRon Landry talking shit before the game then getting toasted for 88-yards on the game’s opening play.

As for the Reid doppelganger, I especially enjoy how this is at least the second straight game where the broadcasters have made an effort to make fun of Reid. The previous instance, of course, came last week when CBS unearthed little footage of Baby Huey Reid competing in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition in 1971. Not surprisingly since Andy sprang almost fully formed at birth already at 5′ 3″ 240 lbs. If Momma Reid didn’t die in childbirth, she must be the single strongest woman ever.

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