Early Panels: Three Comics I’m Looking Forward To Tomorrow

10.23.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Here are three comics I can’t wait to get my hands on tomorrow:

Bravest Warriors #1

Part of Boom!’s growing Adventure Time line of books, mostly I just want to pick this up because it’s always nice to hear a comic is severely underordered and a publisher is rushing desperately to meet demand. That’s a problem I wish more publishers had.

National Comics: Madame X

The National Comics reboot, kind of a DC Presents but with one-shots, has been a bit spotty. The Kid Eternity book hinted that somebody in DC editorial really missed Pushing Daisies, but Looker was a lot better than the concept of “bitchy supermodel vampire detective” had any right to be. So I’ll be curious to see what they do with Madame Xanadu, especially since she’s also in Demon Knights and Justice League Dark.

Let’s Play God… #1

Granted that the “punky female protagonist” is an annoying cliche in comic books, if for no other reason than half of them obviously exist because the writer really wants to sleep with a Suicide Girl, but I do like the concept of a murder mystery set in the punk rock scene, and the title hints heavily that there’s way more to this than just a serial killer. That the title is actually written by a woman, Brea Grant, also gives the “punky female protagonist” thing a bit more legitimacy.

What comic are you most looking forward to next week? Let us know, and let’s talk some comics.

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