Ed Reed Cut By Texans; There’s A Ballhawk on The Market

11.12.13 4 years ago 38 Comments


For one of the marquee acquisitions of off-season free agency, Ed Reed had little impact on the Texans other than missing games due to injury and claiming the team got outcoached and outplayed by the opposition.

And now, 10 weeks into the season, Ed Reed is a member of the Texans no longer.

With Ballhawk’s abrupt return to free agency, speculation has already begun on what team will swoop him up, if any. For what it’s worth, Bill Belichick and the safety have always shared a very evident mutual respect. From a New York Times piece that ran in last season’s playoffs:

Belichick fielded 54 questions over four days, two days of conference calls and two days of news briefings. One of those 54 questions dealt with his surrogate son, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed. He loves Ed Reed.

Last year, for example, Belichick was asked about Reed three straight days. After the question on Day 3, he said, “Haven’t we had enough on Ed Reed?” Then he went on to declare: “He’s the best weak safety I’ve seen since I’ve been in the National Football League in my career. He’s outstanding at pretty much everything.” Belichick was not through: “The list goes on and on with him. It’s just a question of pretty much anything he’s out there for, he’s good at.”

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Patriots are gonna rush out to sign him, despite their needing secondary help and Reed needing a team. Belichick is far from a sentimentalist and Reed looks like a shell of his former self. It’s just as likely that teams don’t think he has anything left in the tank.

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