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01.22.10 7 Comments

Canadian company Eureka Aerospace, along with funding from the US Marine Corps and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, has built a High-Power Electromagnetic System (HPEMS).  It’s an electromagnetic pulse cannon (video below) that shoots an EMP capable of stopping a car from 200 meters (656 feet) away, provided it’s a car with a heavy reliance on electronics in its ignition and control systems.  In other words, if you’re going to go all Grand Theft Auto, do it in a 70’s muscle car as Jesus intended.

Besides stopping high-speed car chases in a non-lethal way, EMP cannons can also help disable IEDs, provide perimeter protection from incoming vehicles (try driving past my house now, neighbors!), and fight piracy on the open seas.  That last one isn’t as exciting as they led me to believe it would be when I showed up for the “fighting pirates” job interview dressed as a ninja.


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