Elliott Wilson Preaches The Gospel Of Relevance To Older Rappers

10.16.12 5 years ago 32 Comments

Charles Barkley has this catchphrase on Inside The NBA preaching something to extent Father Time is the only undefeated player in basketball history. To a lesser extent, the same adage can apply to Hip-Hop. The O.G. of rap journalism, Elliott Wilson, dropped this dope viral clip coinciding with the topic of older MC’s attempting to stay afloat in today’s game. In particular, YN tackles three new mp3s to hit the next in the past week – LL Cool J’s “Ratchet, ” Fat Joe’s “Instagram That Hoe” and Eve’s “She Bad Bad.”*

And to be quite honest, I’m failing to find a point to disagree with buddy on as he dissects why each song bombed. Make music true to yourself and somehow it’ll resonate with listeners. Make music true to whatever’s hot at the moment and, well, you know what happens when you step on a rake’s teeth first.

* – Somewhere, Juicy J is sipping Bombay, smoking a trippy stick and laughing.

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