Eminem – “Careful What You Wish For” x “My Darling”

05.15.09 8 years ago 26 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

Another day, more Relapse, this time in the form of two bonus tracks for the album.


“Careful What You Wish For” — Em goes in to address his problems over the last few years…again. Nice track that sounds like it should have made the cut but perhaps the suits got sick of hearing about pills and alcohol. If so, I still would’ve kept this and tossed one of the other fillers. Dah well, nice bonus.


“My Darlin” — Easy to see why this didn’t make the cut. On “Guilty Conscience” the voice inside Em’s head (Dre) grabbed you. On “My Darlin,” there’s just not enough presence by whomever it is to keep the listener interested, therefore driving one away. Good choice execs.

Download — Eminem – “Careful What You Wish For”

Download — Eminem – “My Darlin”

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