The Emo Eagles Let Out a Mighty Cry

01.10.08 10 years ago 32 Comments

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I was fishing around for updates on Samantha’s deviantART and Facebook pages, listening to Belle & Sebastian’s “Is It Wicked Not to Care” when Phil shoots me over this link on McNabb wanting the Eagles to load up in the offseason.

Now there’s something I can get behind. But I think I understand the underlying uneasiness in his words. He writes about players feeling replaced if they bring in newer marquee ones, no doubt tapping into his own anxieties with a hard-charging young quarterback waiting in the wings.

I was plagued with similar pangs for months once Samantha started hanging around that Mathias guy. Sure, they were only classmates in some night school classes she was taking, but they recently spent a Saturday afternoon at the Magritte exhibit downtown. She knows I like Magritte. Guys in bowler hats and pipes! Sheer absurdity. Then just the other day, I see a heavy detailed oil portrait of his cock on her deviantART page.

Don’t know if I should start to be worried.

Samantha doesn’t like to watch sports, meaning I have to be kind of furtive about my fandom. Every time it comes up in passing, I get the rundown about how it’s androcentric and heteronormative. Sure, I say – hoping to look those up later – but aren’t most things? Then she lays the whole “football causes domestic abuse” line on me. What am I supposed to say to that? Boom Bitch? Haha. Kidding, of course. Can’t believe I just wrote that.

We were the only team in the NFC East not to go to the playoffs this year. Sure, there’s more substantive concerns. The world is full of dark torment and a forbidding swirl of anomie, but how am I supposed to care about the elections or some Bhutto assassination when the Eagles are in the cellar and the Phillies get swept out the playoffs?

It’s really a curious analog, myself and my teams. The fans at the Linc are a little too rough and tumble for me and I think the same applies to Donovan. We weight issues in similar ways also, carefully considering them and then whining endlessly even if it’s detrimental to their resolution. Samantha says she dislikes that about me. I say there’s a lesson to be learned from the lachrymose. Look what it’s doing for Hillary.

In fact, I’m crying now. Wow. I hope he stays.

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