Endless Super Bowl Hype Open Thread

02.03.13 5 years ago 143 Comments

Congrats to this Niners fan for predicting a HarBowl back in November during a Monday night game against the Bears. I hope it’s everything he wanted it would be. Based on the comments from people in New Orleans, a lot of his Niners fan brethren didn’t bother making the trip to New Orleans. With Baltimore fans outnumbering the opposition, rest assured there will be plenty of assholes in the crowd to yell OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH during the National Anthem.

Last night, the NFL media bigshots managed not to completely dick over everyone by naming Adrian Peterson this year’s MVP (though of course they had to give Peyton Manning the consolation prize of Comeback Player of the Year). Cris Carter was finally elected into the Hall of Fame and Art Modell wasn’t. So cheers to the voters for getting things right for a change.

We’re still six hours or so from game time. We’ve endured two full weeks of hype, but there’s still more hype to stomach until there’s a football game, followed by no more football for a while. So sit back and gripe about it with us.

Since the AP is grossly misrepresenting my views, allow me to state my actual Super Bowl pick: 49ers 30, Ravens 20.

Feel free to share your pick in the comments.

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