Entourage Returns

07.12.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

Words by: J. Tinsley

Nothing outside of a Tupac concert could make me miss the season six premiere of “Entourage” tonight. With football still over a month away from kickoff and the combination of baseball and Tour De Lance (Armstrong) dominating ESPN airwaves, this makes for a welcoming change of imagery. Judging by the trailer, Vinny Chase has gotten over the traffic accident that was ‘Medellin’ and returning to his “roots” by laying up with damn near every female he comes in contact with. And for the record, Ari is still Ari. Faithful viewers already know what that means and new ones will soon understand.Also, be on the lookout for cameos from Lil’ Wayne and LeBron James this season. Friends won’t let friends miss this tonight at 10:30 on HBO (there’s my promo). Do whatever you need to do to remind them: call, text, Twitter, smoke signal, note by pigeon, it really doesn’t matter. The gang’s back..

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