5 Essential Things To Know About Jon Connor

04.25.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

Jon Connor considers himself the people’s rapper and rightfully so. Yet, he might as well call himself the rapper’s rapper, to boot.

Since inching his way onto the scene around five years ago, this MC extraordinaire has used a back-breaking spirit to show off his innate ability to craft more than merely rap songs, but windows into his soul. Having already amassed more projects and fans than half your favorite artists, this year Connor looks to take his career to new heights.

With more in store than ever for this blue collar champion, there’s never been a better time than now to get to know the following five essentials about Jon Connor.

Flintstone Status

Anyone who’s ever heard Jon Connor rap knows damn well where he’s from. As someone proudly born and raised in Flint, MI, this hard-nosed rapper has repped the Vehicle City throughout every step of his career. Flintstone legend and former NCAA Champion Mateen Cleaves is actually Connor’s manager and has backed his career since day one.

Started From The Bottom

Unlike a lot of MCs who get a hit and blow up, Jon Connor has built a diehard fanbase with nothing but hard work. Having personally seen Connor go from rocking open mic showcases in the depths of Detroit to full-blown SXSW takeovers, we can attest to his diehard grind and know every word spoken throughout his each of his 12 releases is 100.

jon connor

Heartfelt Murder

That’s the best way to describe Jon Connor’s versatile style. This Flintstone can tackle nearly any topic on the song spectrum and each one will feature thought-provoking perspective. Whether he’s speaking on standing out amidst the pack (“Don’t Wanna Be”) or losing your self (“Broken Mirrors”), dumbing down is not something Connor does.

Beat-Jacker Extraordinaire

Lots of rappers rock other people’s instrumentals. Very few make whole projects out of them, which is exactly what Jon Connor has done with his #BestInTheWorld series. By dropping full-length mixtapes of songs made atop classic beats from legends like Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and most recently Biggie Smalls, Connor has shown he doesn’t mind raising the bar to promote his talents.

Aftermath Inked

Last year, word surfaced Jon Connor had the dubious opportunity of signing with Dr. Dre and Aftermath. Considering we haven’t heard any all-original music from Connor since the major move, the power of the paperwork has yet to be determined. However, with the Michigan man’s relentless grind thus far, we’re quite confident he’ll never settle for shelved status his label is notorious for dealing out to artists.

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