Esso’s NY State Of Mind

04.16.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

These New Yooorkers are a such a proud bunch. You won’t hear zip about the Yankees in July but come October, everybody can spout out CC Sabathia stats like grammar school timetables. Everybody swore Jay-Z’s “Empire Of State Of Mind” was cheesy, but catch a NY native out of their jurisdiction, you’d think they were Shawn Corey’s ghostwriter. And in the very, very, very (very) unlikely case the Knicks get good again, Times Square will need the National Guard on standby.

So there can never be too many “NYC anthems” in Hip-Hop. Even as third-tier leaders in the culture (much more on that later), the Mecca’s soundtrack will forever grow. Esso tacks on another to lead off The Anti-Socialite which will be pilfering through your Ethernet cables April 26th, 2010. Soak up the scenery and pretend that you are there.

Download — Esso – “New York, New York” (Produced By Rena1ssance)


The behind-the-scenes footage for you studious fans.

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