Event Recap: #PassTheCrown Happy Hour In New Orleans

02.26.12 6 years ago

Man, during the #PassTheCrown giveaway, I really wanted to win the iPad2 for myself and for one of our lucky readers. So when it came time for final gifts to be handed out and I learned I’d be receiving the sponsored happy hour instead, I wasn’t necessarily pumped. Sure, it’d be cool to have free drinks for two hours, but that only lasted two hours. An iPad lasts a lifetime! Or at least until the next iPad comes out two months later.

Well, I can honestly say that I’m glad we ended up with the Crown Royal happy hour as it provided one of the most fun nights I’ve had in the NOLA. Here’s what went down: Crown Royal flew a certified Master Of Whiskey down from New York to help everyone figure out what drinks fit their palettes. I was initially just expecting the regular Crown but they hooked us up with Crown Royal Black, Reserve and Extra Rare. For free. For two whole hours. On top of that, they had a few bartenders over with some other drinks to mix and catering done by Southern Hospitality (eclair for the win). But the best part of the night was just the ability to unwind and chill for a couple of hours with new and old friends with free, delicious whiskey. I’d never tried the Extra Rare and I probably wouldn’t on my own dime, but it feels like glory as soon as it hits your lips © Frank The Tank.

And I can’t end without mentioning the utter geek out moment of Crown Royal sending 40 of their signature bags custom embroidered with our phrase “The Smoking Section Is Major.” Gotty’s mom realized he made it when he was flown to Princeton for a meeting with Cornel West. My dad realized I made it when he learned I’d be saving my dimes and nickels with bags that had TSS’ name on it. One last souvenir was a bottle of Crown Royal Black that Big Boi is promoting with his own signature bag and box, which was gladly added that memory to my ever-growing collection of Outkast memorabilia.

Overall, the Crown Royal Happy Hour was a major success. Thank you to friend of the site Law for providing the space at his shop, Traffic Boutique, in the French Quarter. Also, extended shouts to Nesby Phips, 5th Child and Ashlee Nicole for coming to hang out. I’d like to once again thank Crown Royal, and everyone that tweeted and helped us #PassTheCrown to make this whole experience so rewarding. And to the good folks at Crown Royal – whenever you need a profession taste tester, I’m your guy.

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