Every Gunshot From ‘Die Hard’? Every Gunshot From ‘Die Hard’

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In two of my quick hits Comic-Con movie coverage posts yesterday (here and here) I manage to make mention of the Die Hard franchise one way or another. I could argue that it was simple coincidence, but I know the truth is that on a deeper level something Die Hard related is always rattling around in the remnants of my brain and I connect the dots when and where I can.

So when someone on YouTube takes the time to supercut together every gunshot from all four Die Hard movies (that currently exist) I am compelled to share. I am also compelled to remind everyone that With a Vengeance is way underrated. And that Dennis Franz’s character in Die Hard 2 is top ten most frustrating in film history. And that one of my pieces of Die Hard fan fiction is written from the perspective of Harry Ellis’ ghost. Should I stop now? I’ll stop now.

Nick Barton via The Daily What

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