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01.09.13 5 years ago 102 Comments

With RGIII’s ACL reconstruction re-do being easily the biggest news surrounding the Redskins this week and for likely the rest of the off-season, another discussion about changing the team’s name wasn’t expected to take place, at least while the surgery was going on, but that’s what is happening.

For better or worse, the latest push to change the Redskins’ name was spurred by a horrible piece by Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy, a writer who typically spends his time blaming the city’s problems on gentrifying white people. While it’s hard to argue with the point that the Redskins’ name is offensive, Milloy’s column boiled down to the contention that Washington lost in playoffs because of bad karma associated with their name, which is stupid for many reasons.

But it’s not just hacky columnists who are pushing for the change. It’s also local politicians compromised by scandal. That’s right, D.C. mayor Vincent Gray said on Wednesday that if the Redskins ever got serious about relocating from the Maryland suburbs back into the city that there would be serious discussions about changing their name.

The Washington City Paper already announced earlier this season that it would no longer refer to the Redskins by their official name. Sadly, the reader vote they conducted yielded the new name of Pigskins instead of the far superior local derogatory slang of Bamma. Still, just more momentum on the side of the idea of the Redskins no longer being the Redskins.

— Apropos of nothing, here’s a “Jewish salute” song someone produced for the Steelers back in the Steel Curtain days. It actually includes the lyric “Oy vey all the way!”

— Boss Todd don’t want nosy NFL reporters knowing his affairs.

— The Broncos accidentally filmed center Dan Koppen peeing in the woods in a team-produced video about the Broncos preparations’ for taking on the Ravens on Saturday. Very irresponsible of the PR people to tip Denver’s intended gameplan of peeing on Haloti Ngata.

— The Jaguars hired Dave Caldwell as their new GM. He is unlikely to retain Mike Mularkey as the team’s head coach, so he’s not a total idiot.

— The Chargers have hired Tom Telesco as their new general manager, which is prompting speculation that Bruce Arians is the favorite to be their next head coach. Get ready for Philip Rivers floaty bubble screens!

— Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested for giving his name as “Fuck y’all” to the cops when they pulled him over for a window tint violation. if McClain actually changes his name to FUCK Y’ALL or even uses it in player introductions, he’s my new favorite ever.

— Christian Ponder is speaking of Percy Harvin as though the receiver has already left in free agency. At least Ponder knows that Joe Webb’s performance in the playoff loss ensures Ponder gets a chance to suck for most of another whole season.

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